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Many types of pests can make your St. George home their very own without permission, inviting along all of their friends and family to join them. Cockroaches, mice, termites, and many other pests are all a danger to your property. Pests are a nuisance to homeowners. Not only are they unsightly, many pests damage the home and potentially cause health problems to humans. When you schedule a free pest inspection, you’ll leave worry and wonder behind. Our professional exterminator will inspect every inch of the home, office, or business, searching for any signs of pest presence. When you schedule a free pest inspection, you minimize the risk of infestation, damage to your property, and many other headaches.

What are Common Pests in Southern Utah?

The many state parks and hiking trails in the state cause an influx of pests during the summer months. However, pests can be problematic any time of the year. Some of the most common types of pests found in the area of the state include spiders, termites, bees, and ants. Deadly spiders, including the brown recluse and black widow, each live in the Southern Utah area. Spiders are especially hard to control in the region. Termites damage the home and its structure while bees are an ecological benefit, but nuisance at home. Ants are relentless, making their way inside and outside of your home.


How to identify a pest problem?

It is easy to identify a pest problem when you schedule a free pest inspection with us, but there are also numerous signs that you may spot yourself that indicate pests in the home. Our exterminator is experienced enough to treat the pests that invade your home. Spotting the pest is the easiest way to determine there is a pest problem. However, you may also notice black spots on countertops (fecal matter,) discarded wings, bad odors, and damaged household goods if pests are a problem in your home. Pay attention to the signs and call an expert at the first sign of trouble.

Tips for Protecting Your Home From Pests

Check the perimeter of your property to look for food sources or shelter sources since most pests are attracted to these things. Even trees, cardboard, and rotting wood should be removed from the property since they potentially cause termites. Keep your home clean and well-maintained. Never leave food out in the kitchen and be sure to wipe down all of the crumbs from the table and out of the floor, too. And, of course, if you suspect a problem with any pest, do not wait to call the professional exterminator for service. Prompt attention to the matter is important!

You Can Depend on Professional Pest Control Services

Sure, many pesticides and treatment products are sold at home improvement stores and online, designed to treat pests ranging from cockroaches to bed bugs. However, most of these products only waste your money. Their minuscule price is enough proof that they don’t provide the same results that professional pest services offer. Many times, these products do not work at all, according to a report from Consumer Reports. Why risk a pest infestation when it is simple to call us to schedule proficient service?

Leave It to The Experts

If you suspect pests in your home or simply want to be sure that you are not sharing your property, it is time to make the call. Schedule service with us and leave your pest worries behind. We’re the pest extermination experts who are ready to tackle your problem so you can get back to the life that you live without worry. We provide sound pest solutions that protect your home and valuable investment. And, we do it at an affordable cost. Call us today!

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