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Pest Control for Rats & Rodents

Rats and other types of rodents are serious threats when they invade your property. Not only do they carry dangerous diseases that are transmittable to humans, but they can also chew through building materials and generate damage that is costly to repair. As a property owner, you can minimize potential damages by knowing how to identify a rodent infestation early and start an effective pest control plan that stops rodents in their tracks.


How Much Does It Cost For Rodent Extermination?

The cost for rodent extermination depends upon multiple factors such as the size of the infestation and how many areas of your property need treatment. During your free rat control inspection, our technicians check both the interior and exterior of your property for areas of concern. While some infestations will require only one treatment, others may involve our technicians returning to your property multiple times over several weeks. For this reason, we create a customized quote that makes sure that you only pay for the services that you need to eliminate the rodent problem. To help keep costs down, we do offer several rodent control plans that fit any budget. First-time customers receive our special discount offer to help you immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of a pest-free home or business. After that, you can enroll in one of our regular treatment plans to keep rodents and insects away. By preventing a major rodent infestation from taking hold, you can avoid having to pay for more expensive treatments or repairs to your property later on.

How Do You Get Rid of Rats & Mice

Our rodent extermination services involve multiple strategies to ensure that the problem is completely resolved. When our technicians inspect your property, they identify the types of rodents that are living in the building and look for potential entry points that they wild animals are using to gain access. They then develop a custom plan that targets each issue that contributes to the infestation. While you may have considered using rat control strategies that you find in the store, the truth is that these are rarely effective and often dangerous. For example, mousetraps sometimes leave behind a live rodent that can bite someone who does not know how to remove them properly. Our pest technicians arrive at your property equipped with the proper equipment and expertise to perform rodent extermination safely. Depending upon your property’s needs, we can use rodenticides, trapping and exclusionary methods to make sure that you do not have to deal with rodents anymore.

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How Can I Tell If I Have Rats & Mice?

When an infestation is caught early, our technicians are able to eliminate it faster and help you avoid major property damage. Ideally, you should inspect your property on a regular basis for signs of pest activity. As you inspect your property, look for potential entry points along the exterior of the building such as holes in the roof or along the outside walls. Often, rodents first gain access to a building after major structural damage occurs such as a leaky roof. Once rodents are inside of your building, you may notice other signs of activity such as hearing scurrying sounds in the attic or walls. Large infestations of rodents may lead to a foul odor in infested rooms that is caused by their droppings. You should also be concerned about spotting signs of rodent damage such as chewed wires or other building materials. Naturally, if you sight a mouse on your property, then you should always assume that there are more and arrange for rodent extermination right away.

Quality Rat & Rodent Pest Control

When you suspect that rodents are living in your business or home, you have no time to waste since they reproduce fast. Give our technicians a call to schedule an initial inspection that starts the process of eliminating rodents on your property before the issue spirals out of control.


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